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There are some thing in life that you just know, like your favorite color or your least favorite food. They aren't things you have to think about; they just are.

In my case, I've always known that the typical 9-5 grind wasn't for me. I love adventure and excitement --- two things that didn't seem to sync with corporate life.

While earning my M.Ed in Learning, Design, and Technology (one of the many technical terms for course design), I had the opportunity to put my theories about the corporate world to the test. Though I adored my co-workers, those long-held suspicions about the 9-5 proved true.

So, in July of 2015, I left to launch Orange Juice Diaries, and haven't looked back.

Think of me as a partner in problem solving.

I help you pursue your passion, be it through creating a striking visual identity or working with you to turn your amazing content into a high-impact course. You’ve got a mission, and I’m here to help you accomplish it. At their core, both branding and course design are about telling a story --- your story. You’ve got all the bits and pieces; my job is to help you put them together for the world. I bring my experience in instructional and graphic design, as well as in storytelling and narrative development. You bring your awesome.

Together, we create something amazing.

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