You’re a passionate entrepreneur, committed to creating real change for your clients. You know that creating a successful course is a proven way to expand your reach and up level your business.

You’ve done your homework. You’ve read the blogs, watched the webinars, and listened to the podcasts. You will make this course a reality.

Except … you’re still stuck. You have a lot of conflicting information, but no clear course of action. You have ideas, but no strategy to implement them. You have a vision, but no way to execute it.

You want solutions. You want a practical, results-oriented system. You want the right answers to the right questions at the right time.

I get it. I’m Sami, a course creation coach for solopreneurs just like you. I'm committed to bringing you proven strategies for creating results-driven courses to grow your reach and expand your business.

I’ve been building courses since 2011; first, for solopreneurs, and then for the US military. I had an incredible experience creating courses at such a large scale, but I knew it wasn’t where my heart truly was. Each step in my journey taught me something new --- and now, I want to share it with you.

Whether you need short-term support, or long-term mentorship, you'll find a package that meets your needs. Click the buttons below to learn more about working with me.

Sometimes, you need targeted help. You've isolated your roadblock, but you need someone to help you overcome it.

In a 60 minute Strategy Session, I'll work with you to identify challenges and give you actionable solutions that you can immediately implement no matter where you are in your course creation journey. If you're looking for targeted strategies, this is your first step.

Please note: I am unable to offer consultation on launching or marketing your course.

When you sign up for a Strategy Session, you’ll get:

- A 60 minute call to discuss your course



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When you have lots of knowledge to share, organizing it all can be difficult. Finding the happy medium of educating without overwhelming can feel almost impossible at times.

With a Course Creation Roadmap, we'll work together to define concerete takeaways for your course. I'll work with you to create an overview of what to teach and when to teach it. You'll receive personalized suggestions of how to break your content down, what order to put it in, and where to include activities.

When you sign up for a Course Creation Roadmap, you’ll get:

- A 90 minute call to discuss your course

- A Course Creation Roadmap in PDF form

- A 30 minute follow-up call to review the document and have any questions answered



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You’ll gain an understanding of the course creation process unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. You’ll walk away excited, empowered, and ready to build, test, and launch your course.

This is a program for total course newbies. If you’re got an idea, and the drawer full of notes to back it up, but are struggling to move beyond that stage, this program is for you. If you’ve got the drive and the energy, but don’t know where to direct it, this program is for you. If you’ve got a dream, and the commitment to making it happen, this program is for you.

In our time together, we will:

- Validate your course idea with your ideal students (and gather some beta testers in the process)

- Structure your content into concrete modules (no more wondering if your course is too long, or too short!)

- Create activities that will deepen your students’ learning (and send their understanding through the roof)

- Choose a delivery platform that will make your content shine

When you sign up for my six week course creation mentorship, you’ll get:

- Weekly action steps tailored to your needs

- A 60 minute phone call every week to celebrate your progress and problem solve any issues that arise

- 24/7 email access with a guaranteed 24 hour response time



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